Realist Synthesis C.




Maud-Christine Chouinard (QC)

Judith Belle Brown (ON)






















To identify factors responsible for success or failure of CDPM initiatives linked to PC reform, by conducting a Realist Synthesis of their quantitative and qualitative evaluations. This Realist Synthesis will include these sub-objectives:

  • To clarify the scope of the synthesis with representatives of the decision-makers Committee by identifying the review questions, refining the purpose of the synthesis and articulating key program components to be examined (hypothesis on how intervention leads to outcomes);
  • To search the scientific and grey literature about identified CDPM initiatives’ evaluations in QC and ON;
  • To develop clear list of criteria to be used for the quality appraisal of the identified scientific and grey literature (relevance and rigour);
  • To extract and analyze data from these selected sources through a collaborative and consensual process;
  • To develop a joint (QC/ON) database for the management of data during the Realist Synthesis; 
  • To synthesize the results of the Realist Synthesis.
















  • A compendium of CDPM initiatives in QC and ON, along with a list of those that have robust evaluations (Environmental scan);
  • A preliminary list of potential key program components to be explored and a list of selected quality appraisal criteria;
  • An preliminary report of the Realist Synthesis results;
  • A final report on the results including a comprehensive synthesis of the success and failure of the CDPM initiatives with robust evaluation. This report will focus on contextual factors and potential mechanisms that can be linked with outcomes (positive or negative) as observed in the examined CDPM initiatives;
  • A synthesis of key elements to consider in the future CDPM initiatives transformation.







Bridget Ryan

Christine Loignon

Tarek Bouhali

Frances Gallagher

Luan Januzi

Bayero Diallo